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Fretlocks give you more possibilities to create new sounds

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Fretlocks stick easily and temporarily onto your fretboard

Choose the size of Fretlock to fit the string (I = thinnest gauge, II = medium, III = thickest) and peel off the backing paper.

Pull the string to one side and place the Fretlock in position. The smallest blade at the front should overlap the fret bar closest to the body of your instrument.

Press the Fretlock down firmly on the fretboard.

Press the string down firmly between the three Fretlock blades. Use the rocker to press down evenly if necessary.

Each Fretlock gives the best sound on its first use.
You can re-use them up to three times,
but they might not sound as good.
We're working on a reusable version, so stay tuned!

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“Fretlocks offer up opportunities for new chord shapes and licks that would previously be impossible”

music radar

“we still don’t yet know the scale of the possibilities”

CRISPIN weir, regent sounds 

“from early testing, we've seen that fretlocks can create sounds that no one has ever created”

Jonny West, fretlocks inventor



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